B.Sc.(Hons.) Horticulture

Course Details

An undergraduate program of 4-years duration. This program will help the students to build a career in the Agriculture/Plantation management/Research and Development sector. Students who have an interest in plant cultivation, research in the field of plant genetics and outdoor work may pursue this program. It is a program that will help one land in jobs of Government as well as Private sector. Especially with the help of PG courses like M.Sc. and PhD, one really has a good chance to build a rewarding career in the R & D sector.

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Horticulture

04 Years full time

2019-20 Entry

60 Seats

10+2 (Sci.)PCM/PCB with 50% marks aggregates*


Tuition fee per semester**

* It is your responsibility to ascertain that you possess the requisite qualification for admission.
**There will be a separate admission fee, examination fee, caution
deposit etc in addition to the tuition fee.

Course Structure

Semester -I
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HCA 101 Elementary Statistics and Computer Application    3 (2+1)
HSS 101 Fundamental of Soil Science    2 (1+1)
HEM 101 Economics and Marketing 3 (2+1)
HPB 101 Elementary Plant Biochemistry 2 (1+1)
HCP 101 Introductory Crop Physiology 2 (1+1)
HFH 101 Fundamentals of Horticulture 3 (2+1)
HLA 101 Principles of Landscape Architecture 2 (1+1)
HGC 101 Principles of Genetics and Cytogenetic 3 (2+1)
HIP 101 Introductory Microbiology 2 (1+1)
HPD 101 Communication Skills and Personality Development 2 (1+1)
HPE 101 Physical Education/Yogic Sciences 1 (0+1)
Total 25 (14+11)
Semester -II
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HSF 102 Tropical and Subtropical Fruits 3 (2+1)
HSV 102 Tropical and Subtropical Vegetables 3 (2+1)
HPB 102 Principles of Plant Breeding 3 (2+1)
HSF 102 Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management 2 (1+1)
HWM 102 Water Management in Horticultural Crops 2(1+1)
HPN 102 Plant Propagation and Nursery Management 2(1+1)
HEM 102 Environmental Studies and Disaster Management 3(2+1)
HGD 102 Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops 2(1+1)
HPE102 Physical and Health Education 1(0+1)(NC*)
HCT102 Information and communication technology 2(1+1)(NC*)
Total 23 (13+10)

Semester -III
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HPP 203 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology   3 (2+1)
HEN203 Fundamentals of Entomology       3 (2+1)
HVC203 Temperate Vegetable Crops 2(1+1)
HNM203 Nematode pests of horticultural
crops and their Management
HDC203 Diseases of fruit, Plantation, Medicinal
and Aromatic Crops
3 (2+1)
HFT203 Fundamentals of Food Technology 2(1+1)
HTF203 Temperate Fruit Crops 2(1+1)
HWM203 Weed Management in Horticultural Crops 2(1+1)
HCF203 Commercial Floriculture 3 (2+1)
HPB203 Elementary Plant Biotechnology 2(1+1)
Total 24 (14+10)
Semester -IV
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HAS204 Soil, Water and Plant Analysis 2 (1+1)
HSC204 Spices and Condiments 3 (2+1)
HOH204 Ornamental Horticulture 2(1+1)
HPC 204 Plantation Crops 3(2+1)
HBC 204 Breeding of Fruit and Plantation Crops 3(2+1)
HPM 204 Farm Power and Machinery 2(1+1)
HFP 204 Insect Pests of Fruit, Plantation, Medicinal & Aromatic Crops 3(2+1)
HPP 204 Precision Farming and Protected Cultivation 3(2+1)
HDH204 Dry land Horticulture 2(1+1)
Total 23 (14+9)

Semester -V
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HOP 305 Organic Farming 3 (2+1)
HFC 305 Introduction to Major Field Crops 2 (1+1)
HMA 305 Medicinal and Aromatic crops 3 (2+1)
HAF 305 Introductory Agro forestry 2 (1+1)
HBC 305 Breeding of Vegetable, Tuber and Spice Crops 3 (2+1)
HDV 305 Diseases of Vegetables, Ornamentals and Spice Crops 3 (2+1)
HOM 305 Orchard and Estate Management 2(1+1)
HMC 305 Agro-meteorology and Climate Change 2 (1+1)
HPT 305 Potato and tuber crops 2 (1+1)
Total 22 (13+9)
Semester -VI
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HAS 306 Apiculture, Sericulture and Lac culture 2 1+1)
HPV 306 Insect Pests of Vegetable, Ornamental and Spice Crops 3(2+1)
HPM306 Postharvest Management of Horticultural Crops 3 (2+1)
HSV306 Seed production of Vegetable, Tuber and Spice Crops 3 (2+1)
HBF306 Breeding and Seed Production of Flower and Ornamental Plants 3 (2+1)
HPH306 Processing of Horticultural Crops 3 (1+2)
HBM306 Horti-Business Management 2(2+0)
HED306 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management# 2 (1+1)
HEE306 Fundamentals of Extension Education 2 (1+1)
Total 23 (14+9)

Semester -VII
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
HRW407 STUDENT READY – Placement in Industries 10(0+10)
HRW407 STUDENT READY- Placement in Villages 10(0+10)
Total 20 (0+20)
Semester -VIII
Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
Experimental Learning Program(ELP)   20(0+20)
HCH408 Commercial Horticulture         No Change
HPC408 Protective Cultivation of High Value
Horticulture Crops
No change
HPF409 Processing of Fruits and Vegetables for
Value Addition
No change
HFL410 Floriculture and Landscape Architecture New Module
HBF411 Bio-inputs: Bio-fertilizers and Bio-pesticides. New Module
HMT412 Mass Multiplication of Plant And Molecules
through Tissue  Culture
New Module
HMC413 Mushroom culture New Module
HBK414 Bee keeping New Module
Total 20(0+20)